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Derrick Fowler,
The Cake Man


Our Story

How he started

Derrick's Cake Delights specializes in alcohol infused cakes, cookies and cheesecakes that allow clients to enjoy the drink and dessert at the same time.

Derrick has always had a passion for great tasting desserts and after experimenting with different flavors and making his first cheesecake knew this is what he wanted to do. The first 2 original products on the menu back in 2005 were Strawberry Daiquiri cake and Sweet Potato Cheesecake which are still on the menu. 


In 2009 he got the chance to attend Le Cordon Bleu in Atlanta and graduated Cum Laude in his 2010 class with a Certificate in Baking and Pastry and is Serve Safe Certified. Since that time, he has won several awards including Best Desserts for the Red Diva Cake which is half Red Velvet cake and half Cheesecake and Atl's Hottest Baker 3 years in a row. The goal is to continue to make the most unique flavored cakes, cheesecakes and a variety of desserts for your pleasure.


With the continued support of my family and friends and almighty God we will always continue to make what brings you back. A great tasting product.


Honors & Awards

Taste of the Runway 2015 Best Desserts Award

NCBW 100-MAC Gourmet Gents 1st Place Presentation and Artistic Appeal 2016 Award

Family Food Fest 2018 Best Desserts Award

Family Food Fest 2019 Best Desserts Award

Family Food Fest 2021 Best Desserts Award

Pitch Black Fashion 2020 & 2021 Best Small Business Award

Atl's. Hottest Baker Award 2020, 2021 & 2022

Family Food Fest People Choice Award 2021

Odyssey Passkey Community Business Leadership Adult Male Award 2023

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